Hard Rock Directional Drilling Trenchless Technology

    Whether it's navigating a complicated three-dimensional lateral crossing in Connecticut, directional drilling beneath the Antwerp Harbor in Belgium, straight hole drilling a pilot for an Australian mine shaft, or guiding a drill bit to a target within the Hoover dam...

Welnav gets you from Point A to Point B successfully with:

  • Accu-Tracker
  • Accu-Dril Motors (non-mag)
  • Steering Tools
  • Jet Subs (non-mag) Drill Collars (non-mag) Drill Bits Hole Openers (52" dia.)
  • Surface Tracking Tubulars

Welnav Developes Software for:

  • Drillpath
  • As-Builts
  • Computer Well-Planning
For the nearest personnel and equipment depot contact:


15032 Redhill Avenue Suite D
Tustin, CA 92780
Voice: 714/259-7760
FAX 714/259-9257
Email: info@welnavinc.com


ELKO, NEVADAVoice: (775) 753-7723Fax: (775) 753-7432
WINNEMUCCA, NEVADAVoice: (775) 623-8773Fax: (775) 623-3307
HOUSTON, TEXASVoice: (713) 849-3498Fax: (713) 849-3643
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