Surface Recording Gyro


Welnav offers a complete range of borehole surveying services, including:

  • Magnetic single shot service & rental
  • Magnetic multi-shot service & rental
  • Photo-gyro single shot
  • Photo-gyro multi-shot
  • SRG orienting



  • Ranges : 0-6° to 0-180°
  • Resolution : .01° to 0.04°
  • Accuracy : .03° to 0.05°


  • Resolution : .02°
  • Accuracy : .15° Over Temperature Range
  • High Side Alignment : -.20° Typical
  • Offset Center: Less Than .06° (approx. .02° after software correction)
  • Temperature Range: -55° C to +125° C
  • Temperature Variation: Compensated Over Temperature Range (typically less than .03°)
Accurately Locate Your ORE BODY

WELNAV SRG (Surface Recording Gyroscope) van provides gyro-survey's which are the fastest, most accurate means of locating the exact location of your drill hole from collar to TD.

  • Faster, less rig time is required per survey.
  • More Accurate: you receive a computer digital reading which is translated to a printed computerized report.
  • Cost Effective: savings are realized by eliminating costly mining mistakes.

WELNAV offers a complete range of services, including:

  • Magnetic single shot rental.
  • Magnetic multishot service.
  • Gyro single shot service.
  • Gyro multishot service.
  • Surface Recording Gyro orienting service.
  • Surface Recording Gyro multishot service.

Our MSRG (multishot recording gyroscope) photographic instrument is portable enough to provide drill hole surveys anywhere in the world.

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