Magnetic Single Shot Rental Kit
1.00 inch and 1-1/4 Dia. Magnetic S.S. Survey Camera System

    The WELNAV Magnetic Single-Shot Survey System offers precision, accuracy and proven reliability. When a Directional Survey in Wellbore is needed, the SingleShot provides a clear photographic record.

    The Single-Shot is usually "go-devilled" (dropped) onto a Landing Ring inside a Non-Magnetic Drill Collar or lowered with a Wireline or Push-Rods into an open hole for Core Orientations or high-angle wellbores. It is the most reliable method known for determing the wellbore Inclination, Direction and Tool Face at any specified depth.

    Utilizing the most advanced techniques in design and construction, the Single-Shot System is very tough and dependable.

    The Compass Units are Direct-Reading and offered in Quadrant or Azimuth form. The Compass ranges are 0-6º, 010º, 0-20º, 10-120º or 0-120º. Horizontal Mining Compass Units are also available. All Compass Units are interchangeable with WELNAV'S S.S. or Multi-Shot Camera Systems and may also be run in conjunction with other instruments to give several types of data on the same run into the wellbore.

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